Presenters have the option to submit the following presentation files:

ORAL: A video from the talk, typically voice narration over a slide display (mp4).


POSTER: A one-page poster file with or without voice narration (pdf or mp4).

If you are scheduled for an oral presentation, please prepare your slides using the slide template, and then recording yourself giving that slide presentation. See detailed instructions below; you may choose any of the suggested approaches to make that recording.

If you are scheduled for a poster presentation, please use the poster template. You may do a scientific poster in pdf format OR you can present your poster via video. In either case, you upload the presentation as a PDF file for easy inspection by the conference attendees. Then you may upload a recording of yourself giving that presentation. If you want to record your poster presentation, view your poster in Adobe Acrobat Reader full screen, and record the Acrobat window as you zoom in on the different sections of the poster.

Please upload your file on your preferred upload platform and send us the download link by email emea[at]

The following are the recommended times for the various presentation types:

– Invited Speaker: 15 minutes (max. 12 slides)
– Contributed Talks: 10 minutes (max. 8 slides)
– Poster: one-page poster (5-minute video on a voluntary basis)

At the time of submission, authors are required to review and agree to the Declaration of Consent as well as to confirm that they have obtained permission to reuse any third-party figures in their presentation. You have received this form with the attachment of the mail regarding the acceptance of your contribution. Please sign the form and send it back to emea[at]

There are no refunds once the submitter approves their presentation files for publication.

The deadline to submit all digital presentation files is Wednesday, June 9th, 2021. We kindly ask all authors to begin working on their presentation materials promptly.

Please use the provided templates which you can find under the following Link

If you have any questions about your submission, please contact emea[at]

Recommendations for your video creation

Please consider the following tips when creating your video and slides/poster:

  • All presentations must be in English.
  • Create your video in mp4 format.
  • Insert an introductory slide with the presentation title, authors and corresponding institutions, presenter name, email, your personal consulting hours on June 22nd and 23rd and the link to your meeting room, please make sure to clearly state this information at the beginning of your presentation (see template).
  • We suggest that you include a good photo of yourself as part of the first slide in your presentation.
  • If applicable, make sure to thank your funders (institutions and grants) at the end of your presentation.
  • We suggest rerunning the initial slide (title, authors/institutions, presenter info, meeting link) at the end of your presentation.
  • Make sure all figures are easy to read; consider zooming in when discussing harder to read tables and images.
  • Do not record your screen with a higher resolution than 1920 x 1080. If your computer’s resolution is higher than that, please change this to a maximum of 1920 x 1080. Follow these links for instructions to change computer resolution in Win 10, and in Mac.
  • Before recording your video:
    • Practice your presentation at least one time through, paying special attention to any words that are difficult to pronounce, including proper nouns.
    • If possible, use an external microphone or headset.
    • Find a quiet space to record your video; you should be able to shut the door to minimize noises and distractions.
    • Have a glass of water within reach.
    • Speak slowly and clearly.
    • Try to minimize the use of “um,” “and,” and other sentence fillers.
    • Commercial advertisements or publicity are expressly NOT permitted in any presentations.
  • If filming yourself giving the presentation:
    • The lighting should be complimentary: make sure NOT to have a window behind you.
    • Do not have an overly distracting background.
    • Make sure to look at the camera through the presentation, and not exclusively at your notes.
    • We recommend using the recording function integrated in PowerPoint only if the file export in Full HD (1080p) is possible. In newer Office versions this option is allowed. Furthermore, we recommend to disable the automatic compression of the images used in the presentation before creating the presentation (File → Options → Advanced → Image Size and Quality → Check: Do not compress images in file → Default resolution → High fidelity).
    • We are convinced that you are now experts in the field of recording lectures. If you still need help, please feel free to contact us at emea[at]